Golden Critters

Golden Critters

Turns your hamster golden

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The Koala Texture

The Koala Texture

The idea of this texture pack was created by CutieJea for a Charity Stream and was brought to life by a member of the community known as HumanTarget.



"OH BOY!!! Id love to play as a disfigured critter!" - CutieJea

Epic Face

Epic Face

This transform every face (only hamster in the moment) in a EPIC FACE

Halloween Tavern

Halloween Tavern

Happy October Box Critters players! Here is the long awaited Halloween background for the Hamster Tavern!


Just a little tutorial in honor of this special day to have you very own Area 51 room!


Just a fun little idea for Box Critters amidst all the crazy stuff going on revolving Sans & Undertale



The tavern is replaced with a green screen

Icy SpaceBG

Icy's Space Background, featured in

Blob In Box Critters

Blob In Box Critters

Play with blob in Box Critters

Lizard Creature Mod

This mod lets you play as those lizards that briefly appeared in the Tavern.

RocketSnail Critter Mod

This mod lets you play as RocketSnail's critter

Pixelated Pack

Want to go RETRO???



This texture pack is not supported for your browser.

Retro Critters

Experiment 1 is back! - Version 2.1 Only viking helmet is working


Turns the hamsters into cute blue cats!



makes hamsters sans

This texture pack is not supported for your browser.


this texture pack has been in the making for almost 2 days now. it is my attempt to recreate the pink critter. i hope you enjoy. inspired by Cutiejea's profile picture!

Better Critters 2

Better Critters 2

the revamped version of a legendary texture pack, made just for you. i reached out to several people in the community so see what they wanted for this pack. it's a good one. enjoy it

This texture pack is not supported for your browser.


A Box Critters Software Development Kit.


CritterBox is a server implementation of Box Critters written in TypeScript. The aim of this project is to create a server that is fun, customizable, and easy to use.


A mod loader for Box Critters

Tavern band

Makes the instruments in the tavern functional.

Source Project archived, planned to be restarted eventually.

BoxCritters Coder Pack

A tool to help people create mods for box critters

Source This project is not finished.


A project to archive BoxCritter's Past

Box Critters Desktop

Box Critters desktop app based on Electron.

Project: Critality

VR Client for box critters.

Source This project is not finished.
Source This project is not finished.

Shop ease mod-version

Makes shop opening and closing look nicer

FPS mod-version

Adds an FPS Counter to the game

BCMacro API mod-version

Adds an API that lets mods create specific actions that can be bound to buttons or keys.


BoxCritters Shaders mod-version

Create shaders for boxcritters

Transform everyone in doctors mod-version

Everyone will be a doctor! #StayHome

Low-Res mod-version

very high quality luxury box critters

Multi-Item Mod mod-version

Lets you change item types in-game using the new form added in the page bottom. (for example turning the sword into a head item, so you can wear another hand item with it without any problem)


Hi-Res mod-version

Fixes blurriness



CritterMod is a mod for Box Critters developed by sked adding multiple extra features and fun/useful commands.


Box Critters Texture Pack Manager

This extention lets you easily switch between different themes, add new themes and create new themes.


CrittersCrittersCritters mod-version

adds new features to BoxCritters to improve your experience!


Critters+ mod-version

adds new features to BoxCritters to improve your experience!


The world's most popular userscript manager


Customize the way a web page displays or behaves, by using small bits of JavaScript.

Join This server is not finished.

NES Shader

Box Critters now looks like an NES

Less Blue

Reduces the amount of blue in the game


Make it look like a GameBoy


Shows a spotlight where the mouse is


Change color based on where the mouse is

Flines Mode

Pink Overlay


Coloured overlay based on the positon of pixels

Test Card

Colour that is based on the positon of pixels



i always have to fix everything

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So this is supposed to be me. Ok.

What am I supposed to write here?


this is flines, one of the admins in the box critters modding community and a pink blob. what a nice guy

This author is not finished.

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